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Military life can present challenges to service members and their families that are both unique and difficult.  For some, these challenges can be successfully dealt with, but in some instances matters get worse and one problem can trigger other more serious issues. In order to face these challenges it is important to develop healthy mind and body techniques to stay healthy. 

Just like visiting your doctor for a physical, taking 
this free, annoymous mental health assessment is a good way to check up on your emotional health.

Please note: There is an opportunity for feedback at the end of this screening.

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The PTSD Coach mobile app provides a self-assessment of PTSD symptoms with individualized feedback, and ability to track changes in symptoms over time, tools to manage symptoms, find support and learn about key topics related to trauma, PTSD, and treatment.

PTSD Coach was developed by the VA’s National Center for PTSD in collaboration with National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2). For more apps, visit the T2 Apps Page.