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Q & A with Air Force Brat – Angela Devereaux Neilans

1. What branch of the military is your father in and how long has he served? My father was in the Air Force and he proudly served for 34 years. 2. Where are some of the different places you have … Continue reading

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Growing Pains or Something More?

By Adrian Zupp Kids! I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today! These song lyrics, written in the 1960’s, humorously describe the communication breakdown between teenagers and their parents. But all kidding aside, the journey to adulthood can be … Continue reading

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SOFAR:Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists

At SOFAR:Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists, we believe children are deeply impacted by deployment and reintegration whether the service member is a parent, an aunt or uncle, sibling, cousin or grandparent. Children’s needs and reactions change based on … Continue reading

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Transition Tips for Military Kids by Military Kids

Military children face unique challenges: the absence of a deployed parent, multiple moves to new cities and schools, and concerns about a parent’s safety—just to name a few. We asked seven military children how they coped with these transitions and … Continue reading

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Memories of an Army Brat

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have grown up as an “Army Brat”. I have to admit that I lived up to my moniker and became spoiled by the ease, safety, and predictability with which my upbringing from post to … Continue reading

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Operation Military Kids: Hero Packs

Operation Military Kids (OMK) wants to foster relationships between military kids, but also connect them with non-military kids through their “Hero Packs” initiative. These individually designed packages are created and assembled by non-military children and include a handwritten letter of … Continue reading

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United Through Reading Military Program

Some of the fondest memories that people have of their childhood are reading bedtime stories with their parents. Reading together helps strengthen the bond between parents and children, and also helps children develop an appreciation for books. However, many military … Continue reading

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Zero to Three: “Over There” Activity Book

Military separations are hard on everyone. For military families, these times of stress and separation can create unique concerns and obstacles when parenting a baby or toddler. Young children may find it very difficult to adjust to the absence of … Continue reading

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Sesame Workshop Offers 10 Ways for Military Kids to “Let it Out”

“Let it Out” is the title of a new music video, and fun catch-phrase, created by Sesame Workshop to help military children express their feelings about deployed parents, multiple moves, holidays without loved ones and a whole host of unique … Continue reading

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Military Kids Connect

Have you heard of MilitaryKidsConnect.org? Military children that experience a deployment of a parent often experience the same amount of stress as the remaining at home caregiver. Even though military children often display strong resiliency skills – recent studies have … Continue reading

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